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Too much confusion today

April 17th, 2007

This song popped up on my playlist a little while ago, and finding the lyrics startlingly approriate to real-world events, I thought I’d share it.

I think it’s a lovely piece, and as far as I know it’s out of print (it appears on the Chords I’ve Known EP) so I’ll include the download link. Sparklehorse are one of my favorite artists, but I don’t have much to say above and beyond these lyrics.

Sparklehorse : The Hatchet Song

there’s too much confusion today
look in an eye and it’s sure to shy away
and he blew his brains out with a pistol they say
to cover his ass or make a point some way
meet me on lonely street
to stab me in the back you know she threw a hatchet
it buried in my chest when i turned to catch it
and my lucky days are stuck in quarantine
i thought i got some kind of warranty
meet me on lonely street


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